Requirements for Garagum

The preparing of the Garagum will be done at the temple on Saturday the 22 of July 2017 @ 1 PM.

The main day prayer on Sunday the 23rd of July 2017 will commence at 8.00AM.

One Garagum Pot (Silver, Brass or Copper)
1 Coconut
1 Pkt Kadampodie
5 Lemons or Limes
5 Betel Leaves
5 Betel Nuts
1 Bottle Oil
1 Bottle Rose Water
1 Pkt Camphor
1 Pkt Agarbathi
1 Pkt Kumkum
1 Borrie stick (Tumeric Stick)
1 Pkt Borrie
M Yellow Material and M Red Material
Bangles, Chain (Necklace) and Earrings to decorate Garagum
1 Silver Coin
Flowers made into Garlands for Garagum
One Garland for Neck
String for tieing Garagum
Stems from Flowers to put into Garagum pot to tie