Bajans are a means of communicating with our Creator. In order to maintain a strong healthy spiritual relationship with our Creator it is recommended that you communicate with God on a regular basis.

However, we understand that with our current hectic lifestyles it is difficult to attend service daily. We would like to challenge you to attend at the very least the Sunday Service which is held at 10am - 11am. We encourage participation of the congregation and would welcome anyone who wishes to share an spiritually enlightening story, verse or quotation. Please inform the Guru timeously.

Sacrifice an hour of your time for untold hours of spiritual bliss. For those of us who feel we need a little bit more and have the time, we also hold service on Tuesdays (Duraga / Shakti Pooja) from 10 - 11am. We look forward to seeing you this Sunday!

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No. Bajan Description
1. Lord Ayyappan
2. Agaramum Aagi
3. Bomma Bomma
4. Agaramum Aagi
5. Aadu Mayile